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Richmond Taxi Rate Card

Note: Taxi rates valid for the City of Richmond VA and counties of Henrico, Hanover and Chesterfield. Includes CDP's of Glen Allen, Short Pump, Midlothian, Chester, Ashland, Tuckahoe, Dumbarton, Laurel, Wyndham, Three Chopt & Sandston.

Flag Drop taxi rate $2.50

$0.50 for every additional 1/5th mile traveled

$0.50 for every 80 seconds of wait time

$1.00 surcharge for each extra passenger

$1.00 after hours surcharge for rides between 9 p.m. through 6 a.m

Children 6 years and below - No extra passenger fees

$5.00 RIC Airport access fee for airport pick-ups only

Minimum $10 charge OR meter rate (whichever is higher) for pick-ups from RIC airport

Toll fees, Airport access fees, if applicable, are added to the total metered fare

Richmond VA Taxi Fare Calculation

Richmond Taxi Fare = Base Fare $2.50 + Total Miles Traveled x $2.50

Example for a 20 mile trip = Base Fare $2.50 + 20 miles x $2.50 =$52.50

How Are Taxi Fares Calculated?

Here is an easy example to understand the taxi rates in Richmond. John enters a cab. On being seated, his meter starts and the cab driver sets the meter to $2.50. This is also termed as the base fare or flag drop rate. Now, when John travels 0.2 miles or 1/5th of a mile, his meter increments by $0.50. If he travels a whole mile, the meter adds $2.50. So, if John were to travel 1 mile in a Richmond cab, he would pay $5.00.

Are Toll Fees Extra?

Yes. At the end of your trip, your taxi driver will add all applicable toll fees and access fees (like the airport access fee) to your metered fare. So, if your meter fare was $12 and you passed 2 tolls where the driver paid $2 in toll fees, your total fare will be $14.

Are Extra Passengers Charged?

Yes. "You" the primary passenger, are "not" charged any surcharge, but "any extra passenger" is charged $1. So, if you have 3 friends joining you in the cab, the driver will add $3 extra to the meter. So, your meter will now start at $5.50, instead of the standard $2.50.

Are Children Charged a Surcharge?

Children 6 and younger are not charged any surcharge or extra passenger fee. However, the primary full fare paying adult, must accompany the child below 6 on the ride. All persons above 6 years old are charged the $1 extra passenger surcharge.

What Is The After Hours Surcharge?

The after hours surcharge of $1 is applicable when a person travels between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. This surcharge is added as a one time $1 to the meter fare irrespective of the number of passengers. So, here is an example, John calls a cab at 10 p.m and has 3 friends with him. Your cab driver will start the meter at $2.50 and then add $3 for the extra passengers and $1 after hours surcharge. So, the meter will start at $6.50.

How is Wait Time Calculated?

Wait time begins when the meter automatically senses that the car is stationary/idling and not moving. Currently, the wait time is charged at $0.50 for every 80 seconds of wait time. Wait time starts when you make a stopover, or stuck in traffic, or waiting at a light. So, the wait time charge can actually lower your cost, especially when you are stuck in traffic.

Are Taxis Regulated?

Yes. All taxis in Richmond and surrounding counties are regularly inspected by the county police department. The inspection authorities make sure that the operating vehicle is in good working condition. Taxi meters too are inspected to make sure that they are accurate, and have not been tampered with.

Who Sets and Regulates Taxi Rates?

Our taxis are regulated by the County of Henrico. Taxis are regulated by their respective cities or counties. The taxi rates are fixed by the county officials. Rates are lowered or increased as deemed necessary by the state/county authorities.

Are Your Drivers Regulated?

Yes. All taxi drivers in Richmond and Henrico are regulated by the city/county. Taxi permits are issued to drivers, based on a driving record check and an FBI fingerprint and background check. Drivers are expected to be courteous and professional in their attitude. All taxi drivers also follow county guidelines on clothing and attire.

Can a Taxi Fare Be As Low As $2.50?

Yes, although this happens in rare cases. If John were to travel 0.19 miles, his taxi fare would remain at $2.50. But, the moment his traveled distance reaches, or exceeds 0.20 miles, his fare would increase by $0.50 to $3.00. So, if a passenger travels less than 0.2 miles, his fare would remain at $2.50

Is a Taxi in Richmond Cheaper Than an Uber?

Surprisingly "YES" - in certain scenarios. Let's say you ordered a cab from the Capital Ale House in the Innsbrook area to go to the Silver Diner on West Broad Street. The total distance is less than 0.2 miles. Your taxi cab fare would be $2.50. Now, if you were to call an Uber for the same ride, your UberX fare will be $6.25, while your UberXL fare would be $8.42.

When is a Taxi Cheaper Than an Uber?

  • If you are traveling a short distance up to 1.4 miles, a taxi in Richmond is definitely cheaper than an Uber because for a total distance of 1.4 miles, your taxi fare will be only $6. This is cheaper than the minimum UberX fare of $6.25. If you were to travel 1.5 miles in a taxi, your taxi fare and UberX fare would be the same.
  • When a taxi company offers flat rates lower than UberXL rates. See our low flat taxi rates

Let's say for instance, you need a cab from the Westin Richmond Hotel to Richmond airport and you have 5-6 passengers. Here, you WILL need an UberXL vehicle to accommodate 5-6 passengers. Your UberXL fare for this ride will be $37.27. Our taxi flat rate for this ride is $36 with NO surprises and NO surge pricing.

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