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Taxi Driver Rights

1. Right to Refuse a Fare in Certain Situations

A taxi driver has full rights to refuse a fare if he/she feels threatened by a passenger's unruly behavior and/or actions. Violent behavior, obscene gestures, loud cursing, racially offensive language, abusive language, threatening or inebriated behavior are enough cause for a driver to refuse a fare.

2. Right to Full Fare & All Toll/Access Fees

A taxi driver has the right to receive full fare and all toll/access fees incurred on ride completion. A taxi driver has the right to keep the meter running till he is paid in full. For example, if you decide to stop at your friend's place to get money to pay the fare, your driver has the right to keep his meter on till you actually pay him the full fare. A ride ends when the fare is paid in full.

3. Right to Request a Deposit or Full Fare in Advance

Taxi drivers have the right to request the full estimated fare in advance if they feel that they might not get paid on ride completion. A taxi driver may request an advance of a part of the fare or the full estimated or agreed upon fare.

4. Right to Ask a Passenger to Vacate the Vehicle

A taxi driver has the right to stop the ride and ask a passenger to leave the vehicle if he feels threatened or fears for his safety. Passengers who are unruly, loud, obnoxious, abusive, violent, heavily intoxicated or racially abusive can also be asked to vacate the vehicle. Please remember that your cab driver is a human just like you and has every right to his own personal safety and well being.

5. Right to Know a Proper Destination Address

A taxi driver has the right to know your proper destination address. Vague terms like "I think I may be going downtown", "I'm not sure, just keep driving", "I'll let you know" are sufficient cause for the driver to refuse or end your ride.

6. Right to Refuse Loading/Unloading Luggage

A taxi driver is not required to help passengers with loading/unloading luggage. Drivers who do so, do it as a gesture of courtesy and politeness. However, a passenger cannot demand a driver to help with baggage.

7. Right to Charge a Fee for Littering or Damaging Vehicle

A taxi driver has the right to charge cleaning/vehicle repair costs from any passenger who litters or damages vehicle upholstery, carpets or any parts of the vehicle.

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