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How Do Flat Rates Work?

When you book a cab, we check our driver network availability based on your trip distance and calculate our lowest rates. More drivers near you = Cheaper quotes. Most customers save an average of 15%. Flat rates are convenient because you no longer have to worry about traffic delays, weather conditions and other factors which increase your fare. We also allow for a no-cost 15 minute stopover. Travel worry-free with our flat rates. Enjoy your travel in peace, with no fare surprises. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your ride.

Flat Rate Terms and Conditions

  • A minimum 35 mile fare required - Check our fare calculator to see if your ride qualifies - for trips below 35 miles please use our discount codes
  • Advance payment of flat rate with a valid credit card required
  • Up to a 10 minute stopover allowed
  • Start/End destination addresses cannot be changed after booking
  • Advance booking of at least 45 minutes required

Why Flat Rates are Convenient

  • One single flat fare
  • No final fare surprises
  • No worries about traffic jams and fare spikes
  • Free 10 minute stopover time
  • Toll fees included
  • No after hours surcharges
  • No extra passenger surcharges
  • No surge pricing gimmicks
  • $0 cancellation fee
  • No worries about inclement weather cost spikes

Our Low Flat Rates

Ever been in a situation where you are anxious about how much your taxi fare is going to be? Or those times when you've been dreading looking at the meter and wishing it just stopped and didn't exceed your budget? And then, all of a sudden, you get stuck in a traffic jam and your taxi stays put for 20 minutes and now you're looking to pay way more than your budget. Well, let's help you be sure and take the surprises out of your life. Our flat rates were designed to make sure that you no longer have to worry about your meter fare. If we make you a deal for $40, then that's it! We won't charge you a single extra dime. And hey, we aren't even looking for you to tip our drivers. But, if you're exceptionally happy with your driver's awesomeness, you're more than welcome to tip. But, we don't expect it. We want you to save more become our loyal happy customer.

How Much Can I Save?

Most customers save an average of 15%. Our flat rates start with a minimum 10% savings. When we have high levels of network drivers available, our flat rates can boost your savings up to 30%. Call us to get the fastest and cheapest cab quotes. Or book a cab online and our representative will call you within 10 minutes with a quote.

Why Do We Offer Flat Rates?

When our network of drivers is busy with rides, it becomes convenient to offer flat rates based on high booking volumes. Idle drivers do not generate business revenues. Our goal is to keep our team of drivers busy and motivated and pass on the volume savings to you. Flat rates help us keep our lines busy and brings us satisfied repeat customers. So, when we make you "our customer" happy, we know that you will trust us with your future taxi travel needs.

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