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  • Promo Code 10TAXI
    (10% OFF fares between $30 to $149.99)
  • Promo Code 15TAXI
    (15% OFF fares between $150 to $349.99)
  • Promo Code 20TAXI
    (20% OFF fares between $350 to $499.99)
  • Promo Code 25TAXI
    (25% OFF fares between $500 to $749.99)
  • Promo Code 30TAXI
    (30% OFF fares above $750)
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Promotional Offer Terms & Conditions
  • Cash payments get the full discount rate. Card payments get 3% lower discount rates. For example, if the discount rate is 10% and you pay in cash, you get the full 10% off. But, in case of a credit card payment, the customer would get a 7% discount.
  • Only for rides originating in Henrico County - includes the unincorporated districts/CDP's of Glen Allen, Tuckahoe, Lakeside, Laurel, Dumbarton, Short Pump, Wyndham, Innsbrook & Three Chopt.
  • Not valid for rides originating in the city of Richmond, Colonial Heights, East Highland Park, Chesterfield County, Goochland County, Hanover County, Louisa County, New Kent County, Hopewell, Midlothian, Chester, Highland Springs, Montrose, Chamberlayne, Varina and other places.
  • Discount codes not valid for rides from Richmond Airport. Valid only for rides going to the Airport from within Henrico County.
  • Tolls & Airport access fees, if applicable, are extra. Discount does not apply to toll fees and Airport access fees.
  • All promotional offers and discounts are subject to change at any time with no prior notice required.
  • Promo code is applied to actual final meter rate and not towards estimated taxi fares.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions.
  • Promo codes valid till 01/28/2018
  • Maximum 6 uses per customer

Flat Rates

Our discount codes save customers an average of 15% on taxi fares. For even bigger savings, call us for our flat taxi rates. We offer the lowest possible flat rates for long distance taxi rides. Your savings and satisfaction are 100% guaranteed.

Please note that we only offer flat rate quotes for longer distance rides. So, if you're planning an airport ride or any distance above 20 miles, please call us at 804-867-3232 for our quick, no obligation, hassle-free flat rate quotes.

For faster quotes and to save time, please be ready with the exact pick-up and drop-off location addresses, so we can give you our lowest rate quote on the phone.

Why are promo codes only available for certain areas?

We primarily operate in the Henrico VA West End area. We believe in fast service with the highest quality customer satisfaction. When we have to pick up a customer from distant places, we have a few likely scenarios based on our experience;

1. Our drivers have to travel 15 or more miles to reach a customer, so we cannot reach them in under 15 minutes. We don't wish to inconvenience our customers and make them wait 30-40 minutes for a cab to arrive.

Our customers in the West End experience fast pick-ups in under 10-15 minutes. We'd like to keep things small till we expand our service to other areas. But rest assured that we are working on building a strong driver network in Chesterfield and other areas. We hope to serve more areas by Jan 2018.

2. To get to places, especially certain parts of Chesterfield, our drivers have to pass through tolls to reach faster. This toll fee has to be paid by our drivers, and the driver cannot pass on this cost to you. So, offering a discount hurts our driver's income. We like our drivers to be fairly compensated for their time and effort.

Why are discounts not available for rides from the airport?

Based on our experience, all pickups from the airport have an average wait time of 15-20 minutes or more. Our drivers lose business waiting for a passenger to arrive, claim their baggage, locate the taxi, load the baggage and be seated. In many cases, flight delays make our drivers wait for up to 1 hour for a passenger to arrive. This can be unfair on our drivers who would rather not have to keep waiting idle and lose potential rides. So, we unfortunately cannot offer any discounts for airport pickups.

However, if you are traveling longer distances over 20 miles, we can offer you a flat rate. Please call us for details.

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